FBReader for iOS beta testing

Testing instuctions

To test FBReader for iOS you have to:

In few days you will receive an invitation email from Apple. Follow the link to join the testing. You can install beta version of FBReader on any number of iOS devices bounded to the same Apple ID.

Terms and conditions

Read TestFlight app terms and conditions to understand common rules of beta testing on iOS. Some important conditions are listed below.

  • Some FBReader features might be not available in FBReader Beta.
  • New updates of FBReader Beta might break some features of earlier versions.
  • In particular, new versions might lose locally saved books, reading positions, bookmarks, etc.
  • Migration from FBReader Beta to final FBReader release might lose information too.
  • FBReader.ORG Limited might stop beta testing for all or selected users at any moment with no explanation. (Actually we might stop the testing for inactive users as the number of testing slots is limited.)

Submit your Apple ID

Apple ID: