FBReader and the book network: an illustrated guide

Use FBReader book network as your personal library

You can use the book network for delivering books from a laptop or desktop to all mobile devices.

  1. Add books to the book network using web interface.
    drag-n-drop processing
  2. Your catalogue is now available for browsing from the web interface…
    browser-root browser-by-date
  3. … and also from your mobile device. Open network library view, go to “FBReader book network” catalogue.
    select-network-library book-network-catalog
  4. You will be requested to select google account and confirm that you trust FBReader.
    1. Screenshots for google device.
      select-account confirm-trust device-root
    2. Screenshots for device with no google services.
      no-google-auth no-google-confirm-trust no-google-device-root
  5. Select book, download and read.
    device-by-date download-book read-book opened-book

Setup synchronisation in FBReader for Android

  1. To activate synchronisation feature go to the Settings dialog, “Synchronisation” section. Check “Enable synchronisation” to enable all other options.
    settings-in-menu sync-settings sync-item
  2. Login to your google account
    1. On google device…
      select-account confirm-trust
    2. … or on device with no google services.
      no-google-select-account no-google-confirm-trust
  3. You can choose what to synchronise and also set conditions: synchronise always or on WiFi connection only.
    enabled sync-condition

View your device synchronisation status

Current status of your library synchronisation is shown in FBReader's Library screen. You can check which books are already uploaded to the book network and which are not.

library-item sync-folder sync-folder-content

Remove books from the book network and from mobile device

If you delete a book from mobile device it will not be removed from the book network. If you want to remove book from the book network, do this from the web interface. On the other hand, books removed from the book network can be easily removed from your mobile devices too.

    1. Remove single book using book details dialog…
      select-single-book book-details-dialog
    2. … or select several books and remove them using action bar at bottom of the browser window.
      select-several-books action-bar-browser
  1. Deleted books are moved into “Deleted from server” folder on your device. For books in this folder you can select one of two actions: delete from the device too or upload to the book network again.
    deleted-section two-actions
  2. If you choose “upload again” it will be moved to “Not synchronised yet” folder and will be uploaded to the server as soon as possible.
    upload-again-selected new-status